Foto Sandra Ludewig

“I am overjoyed to have found an activity I love in lighting work.”


It’s a lively job that requires the alert capture of social developments and trends, a sensitive eye for performers and any knowledge of advanced, innovative technology. These are all prerequisites from which sometimes groundbreaking ideas can be developed, marked with their own signature.
To generate enthusiasm, a thoughtful design does not necessarily need capital. It can be created even with a limited budget.
One that fits in the tour bus trailer as well as in the Universal Cargo flight container and lasts on a world tour.
I would like to pass on my passion for design, my concept visions and my experience with light to young people, so that this “colorful house” of colleagues can be diverse, remain and grow and sustain itself.
At the same time, it should remain possible for everyone – even without previous education – to start a career in this wonderful field of work – which fulfills me so much.
In some respects, however, I am concerned about how the use of diverse opportunities is being used. Here I am looking for the critical approach and a change in awareness.
JoJo Tillmann